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Pick-by-Light Systems

Fast and Reliable
In any warehouse, having a fast, efficient order picking process in place is crucial. Being able to select and dispatch orders quickly and accurately is important.

Pick-by-Light systems can help as they remove the need for paper or any additional device. In any warehouse operation, it provides a fast, paperless way for not only speeding up order picking it can also reduce errors in the process. It removes the need for having to use picklists to fulfil orders and reduces the errors that come with such lists.

Application – storage system
Linked to the warehouse management system, Pick-by-Light works by ensuring that each item compartment has an electronic display installed. When every there is an order to be filled, the display visibly lights up with the number of items needed. Rather than having to rely on a picklist, orders are shown in situ clearly showing the order picker the compartment that they need to remove items from.

After picking the goods required to fulfil the order, they can press an acknowledgement button that changes the display. This updates in real-time the warehouse management systems handling the order process.

As the system relies on the use of displays, it is much more efficient especially when it comes to order pickers. If the warehouse has a high turnover of staff, then it can reduce the time it takes to learn how to use it. Alternatively it can mean the need for fewer staff where a warehouse has a large number of pickers.

Such a system brings with it several key advantages.

  • Faster picking speeds as search times are minimised.
  • Reduced picking errors.
  • Links the system into other warehouse systems.
  • Reduces the time it takes to train order pickers.

Where Next
With systems already available on the market they have a proven record in helping improve warehouse operations, both in processing orders and using order pickers. When linked to other warehouse systems it makes it possible to ensure that the right goods are available at the right time.